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The "Can We Grab Coffee" Career Coaching Session - $75 per hour
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Type in the Message Box below where you are at in your career and based off of what you share, I'll curate a combination of three (90 minute long) personalized career coaching sessions for you. Please specify if you would these held over the span of 3 days in one week, 3 days throughout a month, or over the span of 3 months. The grand total for your curated career coaching series is $450 which can be paid in full after your first session or in 3 installments over the course of your series.
Select which one you would like to book for your organization, company, or institution. All of the following can be framed as individual deep dive coaching sessions, group workshops under 30 participants, and guest lectures. All offerings are $250 and can be either 60 or 90 minutes depending on the time you can allocate for this in your schedule.
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Select a preferred date for your request.
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