“Elena is the kind of bright, creative leader our field needs. She is resourceful, hard working and thoughtful.  In her time with us at Center Theatre Group, Elena offered a fresh and informed point of view that helped us look at things in new ways.”

Leslie K. Johnson

Director of Social Strategy, Innovation and Impact at Center Theatre Group

“Elena’s contribution to Performing Arts Abroad has been truly extraordinary.  She’s the kind of worker you feel lucky to have, and always goes above and beyond the task she’s assigned.  She has the unique ability to present creative ideas with clarity and focus, and every project she does comes with a larger vision.  As she enters the arts administration world, I know there is going to be fierce competition…and I don’t mean for Elena, I mean between the companies wanting to hire her!  I feel lucky that she worked with us when she did, and I can’t recommend her high enough for future employment.”

 Reynolds Whalen

Founder & Executive Director at Performing Arts Abroad

“Elena Muslar has worked successfully with the Music Center Education production team on the World City Family performance series.  In the summer of 2011, she also served as the Los Angeles County Arts Commission Intern to assist in the preparation and production of the Music Center Institute for Educators.  Ms. Muslar is thoughtful, at ease and works well on both independent and team coordination projects.  She has knowledge and skill in event production and gained perspective and ability through the development and production of our two-week arts intensives for district and school teams of teachers and principals to add to her experience in arts administration.”

Melinda Williams

Former Director of Education at Music Center: Performing Arts Center of Los Angeles

“Elena Muslar worked at our Foundation for a period of six weeks. She worked in the field of communication, promoting our season toward the American community in Florence. She also worked on social media and social network promotion. These communication and promotional activities were new to us and had a strong creative impact. Elena showed remarkable integration skills within our organization, an immediate affinity with the tasks assigned, a natural availability to work in groups, and great interpersonal communication skills. She was very precise, punctual with timetables, and very well-mannered and polite. Her contribution has not only been formal but of material nature. She dealt with language translations on our website and contributed to the creation and development of our initiatives. Finally, I’d like to add that these qualities reflect very important traits that pertain to her as an individual. Elena was able to bring competency and a smile, simply by being herself.”

Riccardo Basile

Director of Communications at Orchestra della Toscana in Teatro Verdi (Florence,Italy)

Internship Evaluation Form Excerpt: “Elena was an outstanding Intern. Our department has been developing our internship program over the past three years, and we have worked with several exceptional young people but Elena brought a freshness and can-do spirit that deepened my own learning about our internship program… Elena was highly recommended by my director Marc Bamuthi Joseph (who had met Elena at CalArts during his own residencies and engagements there). What impressed me more was that, during my telephone interview with her, she did not rest on the recommendations of my director but proactively offered to send me a cover letter and resume so that I too can learn about her interests and potential. She gave me the sense that she wanted to have a professional relationship with me as well as with my director; this sense of establishing professional and personal bonds with each person she came in contact with — across the team, across the institution and with our artists and audiences — was a huge inspiration to me during her time with us. While it would have been understandable for a new intern to take a few weeks to gain traction in our fast-paced environment, Elena immediately responded with an open mind, a willing hand, and uplifting humor — all three of which we needed!  She was able to take on menial but crucial tasks (backstage hospitality, for example) as well as participate articulately in our think tank conversations and activities.  She made our audiences in the lobby feel as important as our consultants and artists with her quick wit, down-to-earth generosity, and “no-stress/high-joy” work ethic.  She performed all of her responsibilities with outstanding excellence and gave us a sense that everything we assigned to her was important and of value, which was empowering to us as her supervisors.  Thanks to Elena, our huge programmatic undertakings were all an unqualified success – each excelling our expectations. Elena is so pro-active, energizing, enabling, flexible and capable — she was able to nimbly succeed across all programs, assignments, and professional relationship-building! We only wish we had more than 7 weeks with her!”

Roko Kawai

Former Performing Arts Manager at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts

“I have worked with Elena Muslar as my student, as an actor and as a collaborator on projects.  She is driven, inventive, perceptive, and creative.  Her dedication to facilitating artists and her understanding of the artistic process make her an ideal administrator.  I envy the company or organization canny enough to bring her in and make her part of their work.”

Kevin J. Wetmore, Jr., Ph.D., gent.

Chair and Professor, Department of Theatre Arts at Loyola Marymount University

“Elena is a professional driven individual who excels at any project she is given.  Her good nature and positive attitude fill an office environment with a joy for the work that is infectious. ”

Patricia Garza

Assistant Development Program Manager at Center Theatre Group

“In the field of emerging producers, Elena Muslar is one to watch! A quadruple threat of producer, actor, singer and dancer, Elena is the full package. In addition to an excellent work ethic, she is a delight to work with. The Towne Street Theatre looks forward to working with her again!”

Nancy Cheryll Davis-Bellamy

Artistic/Producing Director at Towne StreetTheatre

“Elena was a pleasure to work with. She is very creative, smart, diligent and does it all with the most positive attitude. She is one of the brightest young talents in our field. I expect great things from her!”

Ed Murphy

Former Managing Director at The Blank Theatre

“Don’t be fooled by the physical beauty before you, that of a tall, willowy gal who makes her presence known in an instant. Realize there is an amazing life force of woman behind it: dedicated and driven artist, manager, creator, learner, ongoing lover of life… whom I feel forever grateful in supervising and befriending at LMU”

Chris Andrews Parra

Assistant Director of Undergraduate Admissions at Loyola Marymount University

“Elena is fabulous to work with and a joy to be around. She assisted me in producing my play Esther’s Moustache at the Studio Stage the fall of 2011. She was extremely attentive and persistent with everything that was asked of her. She was hungry and grateful to learn as much as she could about producing theatre. I am positive that she’ll make a wonderful arts administrator. ”

Laurel Ollstein


“I first reached out to Elena because I stumbled upon her thoughtful and sharply written article on “Racial and Ethnic Diversity in Arts Management” on Howlround. As a first generation, Vietnamese American, who is an aspiring artist, administrator, and producer, I was captivated by Elena’s true commitment and poignancy for racial equity and inclusion within the arts. After I reached out to Elena, she graciously took time out of her full schedule to talk with me about her life as an artist/arts administrator, but I could tell she was both energized and interested in learning about who I am and my own artistic endeavors. Months later, we chatted again after I was a finalist for an internship opportunity that is extremely in line with my specific career interests. Elena talked with me in depth about assessing myself, finding a deeper and more creative focus, but also acknowledging my strengths and unique characteristics that I need to emphasis to myself and others as I continue to look for more opportunities. Elena has the tremendous ability to create a space for people to process, become empowered, and then leave that space with concrete and refreshing goals and focus.“

Simon Tran

 Recent University of Washington Graduate; Aspiring Artist, Administrator, and Producer

“Elena Muslar is a smart, talented creative professional.  Her drive and desire to connect audiences to the theatrical work she is involved with is infectious.  Her work ethic and artistic vision inspire those around her to get involved and experience any project she is working on.  This is true whether you are a potential audience member, arts advocate or artist."

Katherine Noon

Assistant Professor, Associate Chair & Production Manager at Loyola Marymount University and Co-Founder/Artistic Director of Ghost Road Theatre Company